UI Designer &
Frontend Developer

Hi, and good to you. I am Denzil M. Doyle. I'm a full stack developer with over 10 years of software development experience and I pride myself on creating handcrafted user-centered experiences for both web and mobile.


Pizza Hut Trinidad & Tobago

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Trinidad Express

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Hunger Fix

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Catholic News

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Careers Experience.

  • Assistant Programmer Pennacool
    October 2013 – November 2013

  • Freelance Web Developer & Designer Chune
    August 2013 - January 2014

  • Application Support Intern IGOVTT
    July 2013 - August

  • Designer and Developer Location Scout
    May 2013 – Present

  • Applications Developer E-Animate Solutions
    Jan 2013 – April

  • CTO & Founder Genuinely Optimistic (GO)
    July 2012 – September 2015

“Good design makes a product understandable”
— Dieter Ram

Academic Education.

  • Bachelor of Science (BS)
    Computer Science (Software Systems) Math Minor
    Andrews University
    2008 - 2012

Online Certificates.


JavaScript, Angular, React, Nodejs, SEO, PHP, Figma Sketch, Mobile Application Development with Ionic Framework (Android and iOS), Web Development, Web Design, Mobile Design, Web Analytics, Google Analytics, Responsive Web Design and Social Media Marketing.

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